Thanks to Izypeo®, you will be able to organize, manage and increase reliability of your QSE and CSR processes.

Our CSR and QSE Web application, allows you a 360° vision of your CSR, QSE, Carbon and Energy approach. It provides you with data collection and automatic KPIs restitution options and ensure the regulatory compliance.


IZYPEO Summarized  in 6 key-points


Regulatory compliance

Customer commitment

Communication and Involvement


Technological innovation

Business Solution

Have a 360 ° vision with an integrated CSR and QSE software solution

Control your approach precisely thanks to consolidated data, automated KPIs and collaborative dashboards.

Take advantage of a fully customizable CSR and QSE software solution. It fits your business specific features (and not the opposite) on all aspects with our 4 business components: Carbon, Energy, QSE and CSR.

Regulatory compliance

Ensure regulatory compliance with confidence

Simplify and secure the data collection as they arise thanks to automated data consolidation, mobile access and data consistency checking.

Carry out secure audits easily and quickly and monitor the risks linked to compliance by relying on the traceability and digitalization of all your Quality and CSR procedures.

QSE and CSR approach
QSE and CSR approach

Customer commitment

Strengthen customer commitment and experience

Enhance and track your QSE and CSR approach and develop trust with your customers by giving them and your employees secure access to your platform (dashboards, extranet, quality monitoring, etc.).

Develop an high level of service with complete peace of mind and rely on IZYPEO® to manage the cycle of customer claims, including satisfaction surveys.

Communication and Involvement

Communicate and involve your teams

Facilitate your teams support thanks to an intuitive and mobile user experience, integrate your remote sites thanks to the SaaS mode and standardize your procedures with common repositories.

Share action plans and develop communication with the Business lines thanks to a collaborative tool that automatically generates KPIs and cockpits for all.

Cost monitoring

Monitor your QSE and CSR approach cost

Digitize your QSE and CSR processes and save time by automating your procedures and pooling your data (secure collection, KPIs and reports generation, notifications, etc.).

Reduce your maintenance costs, very simply thanks to an easy administration, a large user autonomy and automatic updates.

Thanks to the SaaS mode, you will be really operational quickly without hidden costs (optimized deployment time, quick handling…).

Technological innovation

Rely on an innovative, secure and scalable technological base.

Integrate the latest technologies into your QSE and CSR approach and benefit from digitalization power on a daily basis: mobile and responsive access on a 24/7 basis, agility of SaaS mode, Cloud hosting, Big Data and data visualization technologies, artificial intelligence.

Ensure the sustainability and scalability of your QSE and CSR tool and secure your data (clean room hosting, data consistency control).

Here’s what the IZYPEO© digital platform
can do for you everyday

Discover our 4 integrated business solutions
to get a 360 ° vision

Manage 4 business processes with a common technological base

QSE and CSR approach

To ensure compliance
and communicate effectively
about your CSR policy

QSE and CSR approach

To hold and manage
your QSE policy
in accordance with the regulation

QSE and CSR approach

To manage and control
your energy consumption
and expenses

QSE and CSR approach

To easily calculate your GHG balance and manage the Carbon indicator on a regular basis